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Referral spam is a kind of search engine spamming method by which the hackers spam your site via fake links and unwanted log text files. Backlinks are for sure a boon to your website, but spam links are no less than a disaster. They bring down your website on SERP from 1 to zero. Get access to our free spam score checker tool as early as possible.

Seeing the high number of backlinks excites everyone! Counting on the number of real links and spamming links, we give you the real status of your website. Our free website spam score checker tool also acts as a bulk spam score checker and checks multiple backlinks at a time.


If you see a sudden increase in your website’s traffic, it’s time to understand that it's because of the ghost referrals. Find out the source of these spams for free with Business Haarway. Our tool also comes with a ghost spam blocker feature.

Enter the URL of your website for the domain spam checker tool to crawl over the referral links and present you the primary source of it in a minute without any extra effort. Our spam score checker feature will help you improve your website’s rank.

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