Handle Crawler Traffic to Your Website with Ease

A robot.txt tester tool is a simple yet an effective file, that is generally placed at a website’s root directory. Backed by the meticulously-built Google robots testing tool by Haarway, you can give instructions to search engine crawlers on which files or directories to index or which to skip.

Robots.txt tools, which are equipped with robots file checker features, work wonders in communicating with web crawlers. Backed by this, you can navigate robots, besides gaining a smooth and seamless access to different resources i.e. styles, graphics, scripts, subpages, etc.

Time to Invest in a Premium Robots.txt Tool

Thanks to the Robots.txt tools, you can now control the way your website is crawled by search engines, which is done with the help of the robot.txt validator and testing tool. Exploring Haarway’s FREE Robots.txt tool, you can optimize your website in Google.

With Haarway’s cost-free yet result-yielding Robots.txt tools, you can regulate the way robots crawl to your site, index web contents, and serve contents to your intended users.You can also improve the your website’s SEO, by making use of the robot.txt file for SEO.

  • Interact with Web Crawlers
  • Maximize Site’s Visibility
  • Limit Web Crawler Traffic
  • Restrict Duplicate Contents
  • Prevent Unnecessary Indexation
  • Bolster Your SEO Game
  • Keep Server Overloads at Bay
  • Keep Information Confidential
  • Identify a Sitemap’s Location

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