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1. Business Haarway

Here’s presenting to you the Privacy Policies of Business Haarway. Besides elucidating on what Business Haarway is, how it works, how it utilizes the personal information of representatives of its business customers, why it is allowed to conduct certain things by law, etc. If you are a business person, looking to explore Business Haarway’s listing portal to grow your business and broaden your customer outreach, you must rummage through the privacy policies of Business Haarway. Through this excerpt, you will also get to know who can have an access to your personal information, what your rights are, and many more. Kindly, read and review this carefully.
Being Business Haarway’s business customer, you have a complete right to draw objection to Business Haarway for processing your personal data for its own legitimate enterprise interests or for a direct purpose of marketing (including related profiling). To obtain further information about your rights, the way you can exercise them, etc., consider running a glance through the section called – “Your Rights.”  

Being one of the best business and service listing companies in India, Business Haarway lays an emphasis on taking your privacy with utmost sincerity.

Here at Business Haarway, we make sure to use your personal information as further elucidated in the following Privacy Policies. We control the personal information provided to us by you.

2. What Kind of Personal Data Business Haarway Tends to Collect?

Personal information is any piece of information that describes an individual personally. Either it may directly define a person by taking his/her name or might stick to an indirect approach by elucidating on the usage of certain products/services, etc. The Privacy Policies of Business Haarway are primarily concerned with the personal information of different representative of Business Haarway’s business clients, which include partners in a partnership, staffs of organizations, sole trades, and many more.

Here is a peek into the kind of data that Business Haarway collects from its business customers. Have a look –

  • Contact Details

Business Haarway collects the names, postal address details, Email address, phone numbers, etc. of its business customers so they could be contacted about their business listings, etc. on Business Haarway’s directory. They might be contacted for different services or products that Business Haarway has agreed to provide them from time to time.

  • Business Details

We require you to provide the name of the business you represent and details of the goods and/or services your business offers so that we can publish your business listing on our directory and provide you with the best possible service that is tailored to your business’s needsYou may also choose to provide other information about you and your business. We do not require you to do this but if you do, we will process this other information for the purposes of publishing your business listing on our directory;

  • Payment details: We require your payment card details so that we can obtain payment for any paid-for products and services that we provide to your business; and
  • Credit score details: If you are a partner in a partnership, a sole trader or represent a business which is not a private or public limited company or LLP, if you have provided your consent to do so, we collect your name, job title, date of birth and residential address history dating back three years, so that we can obtain your credit score. We need to do this in order to establish the best possible payment terms we are able to offer to you.
  • Correspondence: We collect any additional personal data that you may provide to us from time to time if you contact us by email, letter or telephone, through our website or by any other means. If you contact us by telephone, we may also record the call and make notes in relation to your call for training and service improvement purposes, to comply with our legal obligations and to be able to deal with any dispute or defence of a claim which may arise in the course of us providing our products and services to you.

Business Haarway also obtains different other information about its business customers from multiple other resources. Some of these sources are mentioned right below. Please have a look –

  • Cookies and Technologies

Here at Business Haarway, we keep a close tab on how our business customers are using our website with the help of cookies, as well as, multiple other technologies. This helps us provide essential features, functionalities, etc. to our website. This apart, it also helps us provide our business customers with a more seamless and customized experience.

With the help of action pixels from Facebook, etc., our website successfully measures conversations with our business customers. The Facebook Action Pixels also enable us to keep a track of our business customers’ behavior, interests, etc. after they click on different advertisements, posts, etc. for landing on our website. Owing to this process, it becomes easier for us to thoroughly analyze the overall efficacy of our Facebook ads for different sorts of market research and statistical objectives, and their future optimization.

However, the information that we gather remains strictly anonymous. Hence, we can never use the same for drawing any conclusion about the identity of our business customers. Such data are preserved and processed by Facebook later. This might connect to our business customers’ Facebook profiles or use their data to meet different marketing or advertisement goals. If you are looking to grow your business through Business Haarway’s listing portal, you should be aware of the fact that this might let your Facebook account to display certain advertisements on Facebook, third-party websites, and the likes.

  • Third Parties

If you are looking to list your business with Business Haarway, then you must be aware of the fact that we obtain your personal information from different third parties where you have already provided consent of sharing your data with us.

3. The Way Business Haarway Uses Personal Data

Here at Business Haarway, we require your personal information due to the reasons mentioned below –

  • If you are looking to publish your business listing on Business Haarway’s directory, and offer you the services/products you have requested, it will use your personal information for accepting you as a new or a repeated consumer, besides publishing your listing on its portal and providing you with the services/products you have requested as per its terms, conditions, etc.
  • In order to advertise the address, identity, contact details, etc., of your business on social media sites, third-party search party engine, and several other business sites on your behalf you should keep a few things in a serious consideration. In case, you have already registered for Business Haarway’s services, we shall share your business’s identity, contact details, address details, etc. with third party search engines including, Google, etc./ social media websites like Facebook, etc./ and multiple other business sites. This will help us promote your business/services/products to the audiences you are intended to tap into, thus driving potential customers to your site.
  • If you are looking to register a domain name on the behalf of your business, you should keep a few things in mind. In case, you have registered for Business Haarway’s services, we might require you to share your contact details, address, etc. with the registrar,  who is responsible to maintain the relevant register of your domain names for wrapping up your domain name’s registration on your behalf.
  • For sending your service related communications related to the terms of our contract, we shall utilize the contact details you have given to us. This will help us interact with you regarding your products, services, etc. we offer to your business. This will also allow you to know more about all the major changes to those services, products, etc. or to the terms and conditions of the contract between you and us/ to any related data, etc.
  • In order to confirm your identity or verify your information, we shall abide by certain things. To keep up the security and protect our listing directory’s authenticity, here at Business Haarway, we shall confirm your identity. To do so, we may thoroughly check the data you have offered us against multiple other data that we own about you from the third party sources.
  • We may process every detail of your payment card so that it becomes easier for us to receive payment for any paid-for services, products, etc. that you have requested to us. We may collect the future payments, overdue amounts, etc. for such services, products, and many more.
  • If you have offered your consent to us, we might use your contact or address details for sending you a direct marketing request and keeping you updated of different promotional offers, etc. related to our services or products through Emails, posts, SMS, telephone, etc. However, you may unsubscribe from our direct marketing just by clicking the link of unsubscription of our Emails. You may contact us directly to unsubscribe, too.

Our reliable business partners might use your name, postal address, Email address, telephone number, etc. for keeping you updated of the similar services, products, promotional offers, and the likes. However, we shall share your personal information with our business partners where you have offered us with a consent of doing so. You may unsubscribe at your will and convenience just by clicking the link of unsubscription in their Emails, etc.

  • Here at Business Haarway, we lay an emphasis on using the best-in-class technologies to keep a tab on how you are using our directory, services, products, etc. This will eventually help us in building a profile of your preferences. By this, what we are intended to mean is that you would obtain direct marketing as well as promotional offers, which are custom-tailored to your needs, choices, etc. Also, it signifies another simple fact that we do not send the same offers, etc. to each client. However, if you are averse to abiding by or agreeing to the automated decision made by our technology, you can keep us updated. Depending on your statement, we might decide to look into the matter for you. However, you might still own the right of objecting to Business Haarway while processing your personal information to delve in automated decision making, etc. Kindly make a note of the fact that the legal basis for Business Haarway of carrying out such activities is that it’s in is legitimate interest to do so. To know more in this regard, you can check out our legal grounds of processing.
  • Now, let’s introduce you to certain rules that we stick by for tracking your usage of our main website, products, services, etc. We have integrated cookies, cutting-edge technologies, etc. for tracking your activities, etc. on our website. Depending on your activities on our website, we can incorporate the essential features, functionalities, etc. into our website. This will help us monitor the usage of our listing portal, thus providing you with a way more seamless and customized experience. To find more relevant details in this regard, you may check the cookie policies of Business Haarway.

Also, here at Business Haarway, we have incorporated different tracking technologies in our Email for capturing information i.e. the date/time you open our Emails or the kind of devices you use to access, etc. Using such data, we can understand the efficacy of our Email-related interactions. This will help us improve our Email communications in the days to come, thus providing a more customized service to you.

  • For processing credit risk assessments, we abide by certain rules. In case, you are a partner in Business Haarway’s partnership, a representative or a sole trader of a business that isn’t a public or private limited organization, we shall process your job title, name, DOB, contact details, address, etc., albeit, at your consent. This will help us get your credit scores with ease. The main reason why we are required to do this is to strike the most effective payment terms that we are capable of offering to you.
  • For producing the aggregated underwriting risk analysis reports for different commercial insurers, lenders, and more, Business Haarway sticks by a few rules. Combining the personal information that we own about you with the personal data of our clients, we produce reports of underwriting risk analysis for our commercial insurers, lenders, etc. Each report, produced and provided by us is based on aggregated and combined datasets. However, these reports are not comprised of any kind of personal information about you or your clients.
  • For contacting you about a contract renewal for different paid-for services, products, etc., Business Haarway sticks by certain things. Here at Business Haarway, we use the phone number provided by you so we can call you up for discussing the renewal of different contracts between us for any kind of paid products, services, etc. We shall do it at the lead up of your contract’s expiry in case we end up hearing nothing from your end. This will help us confirm if you are interested in renewing your contract with us or not.

Kindly make a note of the fact that if we hear nothing from your end while your contract for paid services, products, etc. expire. Or, if you inform us that your business no longer needs any of Business Haarway’s paid for services, products, etc. post the expiry of your contract. We shall strike off your business listing in case you tell us to do so.

  • Here at Business Haarway, we abide by certain rules and regulations for providing better customer support to our business customers. We lay an emphasis on using your personal information to gain the ability of providing and improving our customer support services.
  • In order to conduct an internal training, we follow certain rules as well. We might require using your personal information to conduct a successful internal training. This will help us inculcate more accurate and in-depth knowledge in our staffs so that they can offer you the most fulfilling customer experience.
  • In a bid to conduct a thorough market research, as well as, analytics, we might analyze your personal data combining with the personal information of other clients. This will help us gain a more through and better understanding of our client base. We might invite a few clients to partake in conducting a market research. As or when you accept the invitation from our ends, we shall use your reviews for improving your business, products, services, etc. 
  • There are some rules that we abide by for maintaining our records besides improving the accuracy of your data. Just like any other business, we at Business Haarway, lay an emphasis on processing different personal data while administrating and maintaining our internal records. This also includes us processing all your personal information for ensuring that the data we own about you is updated, true, and 100% accurate.
  • For responding to different enquiries, disputes, complaints, etc., we use different personal data about you. This helps us in responding to your inquiries, complaints, etc. you have made to us. Also, this may help us effectively handle different disputes that might arise during the course of offering our services, products, etc. to you.
  • For the purpose of investigating, identifying or preventing fraud and complying with different legal obligations, we stick by certain rules. During certain situations, we make use of your personal information to an extent, which is essential for enabling us to comply with our own legal obligations i.e. fraud detection, prevention or investigation of different objectives, etc. In such circumstances, we may need to provide your personal information to law enforcement organizations if they ask for the same.

4. Our Legal Grounds for Processing

As per the data protection law, we are accountable to process your personal information only for fulfilling one or multiple legal grounds. There are different legal grounds that we use to carry out processing data protection.

First of all, we require your Consent in certain situations. Without your consent, we may not be able to process your personal information after getting on your consent to do certain things such as sending your marketing interactions regarding our services/products; sharing your contact details, address, phone number, etc. with our business partners; conducting a thorough market research; using your location for delivering certain messages or facilitating the messaging functionalities on our website/app, etc.

Processing your basic contact and payment details about your business is mandatory for using the contract between us. Here at Business Haarway, we strictly bank upon this legal ground for publishing your business listing on our listing directory; interacting with you regarding the services/products offered by us to your business; confirming your identity; verifying all the data provided by you; processing payment; bringing improvement in customer assistance services and more. Without obtaining any of these above-mentioned data, we might not be capable of providing our services/products to you.

Sometimes, we may collect and utilize your personal information for the objectives of our legal or legitimate interests as a business such as offering you services/products which are beneficial for your business; getting a better understanding of our clients to better our marketing activities; obeying our contractual obligations to different third parties; confirming if you are interested in renewing contract; using our site for enhancing customer assistance services; responding to any complaint or enquiry we have received from your ends as any dispute takes place, operating your business’s management or internal administration effectively, etc.

Kindly make a note of the fact that when you look forward to banking upon our legal ground for processing, we may need to check our data protection law for considering if our legal interests get overridden by the fundamental rights or interests owned by you. We might process your personal information based on our own legitimate interests, etc. for determining that your rights, interests, etc. are not getting overridden by our legal or legitimate interests.

5. Who Shall We Share Your Personal Data With?

Here at Business Haarway, we might share your personal information to our service providers or suppliers who can conduct different marketing services and process your personal information on our behalf and to other companies that may use your personal information to fulfill their own needs. This apart, we may share your personal information as or when we are delegated the responsibility of sharing or disclosing your personal information for complying with different legal obligations or protecting our business’s property/safety/rights. 

In certain situations or circumstances, the personal information we gather from you might be conveyed outside the EEA aka European Economic Area. Such destinations might not abide by any law to safeguard your personal information to the same extent as in EEA. As per the Data Protection Law, we are required ensuring that our processors are transferring your personal information outside the European Economic Area. We are also bound to ensure that your personal data is kept securely and safeguarded against any kind of destruction, loss or access.

6. How Long Should We Keep Your Personal Information?

Here at Business Haarway, we cannot retain your personal information for no longer than required to fulfill our purpose. To decide the exact retention period, we consider different factors such as legal obligation under any applicable law, statute of limitation as per the applicable laws, actual disputes or guidance issued by data protection authorities, etc. We shall erase your personal information from our system as or when the need of retaining them will come to an end.

7. What Are Your Rights About Your Personal Data?

You shall have certain rights regarding your personal information. For example, you have the right to be offered an accurate, understandable and clear information about the way we use your rights, personal information, etc.

Secondly, you have the right of getting an access to your personal information as well as some other data. This is to enable you to check whether we are making use of your personal information according to our data protection law.

Thirdly, you have the right to correct your personal information, especially if it’s incomplete, inaccurate or untrue. Also, you have the right request for removing or deleting your personal information where there’s no exact reason for Business Haarway to continue to use it.
Fourthly, you own the right of blocking the further usage of your personal information in some specific situations. When there is a restriction on processing your data, we may still be able to store the same.

Fifthly, you also have the right of getting and re-using your personal information in a more structured, readable and understandable format for certain situations. Additionally, when certain conditions are applied, you might gain the right of transferring such data to a third party directly.

Sixthly, you own the right of objecting to Business Haarway processing your personal information for our legal or legitimate marketing interests, etc. In case, you have provided us with the consent of processing your personal information for any specific purpose or reason, you might obtain the right of withdrawing your consent at any point in time.

Lastly, you will also hold the right of lodging a complaint to ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) in case you are not satisfied with the way we deal with your personal information or fail to process your data as per the data protection law.

8. How Can You Get in Touch with Us?

In case, you are looking to exercise the data protection rights that you own or you are unsatisfied with the way Business Haarway has handled your personal information, you can contact us on the given address –

You can mail us to –

You may visit our office as well. Our office address - Unit No: 411, 4th Floor, PS IXL Building, Chinar Park, Kolkata, West Bengal 700136.

9. Links to Other Websites

Before listing your business on the listing directory of Business Haarway, you must be aware of the fact that our site comprises hyperlinks to some other websites owned or operated by different third parties. However, this privacy policy is not applicable to such websites. Here at Business Haarway, we shall encourage you to go through and value the privacy statements mentioned on the other sites that you visit. It’s important that you rummage through their privacy statements because they would govern your personal data’s usage at the time when you visit those sites. However, we are devoid of any kind of liability or responsibility for any kind of privacy practices of these third party sites. Hence, you will be using such sites completely at your own risk.

10. Changes to Business Haarway’s Privacy Policy

In this excerpt, we have shared with you the updated version of Business Haarway’s privacy policies. However, such policies might get updated from time to time. Hence, it’s advisable that you must keep looking into these policies every time you provide us with your personal information.

Prior to listing your business on our listing portal you must be aware of the fact that we shall not update you of any minor change, which we might bring to our privacy policies in the days to come. But, in case, we bring any major change in our privacy policies, we shall definitely keep you updated and ask for your consent if need be.