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No more time-wasting in finding whom to approach for linking to your website! Get a complete list of people linking to your or your competitor’s site along with the domain name with our best backlink checker. Backlinks are a set of words linked to your site which takes the visitor directly to your site on clicking it.

The backlink monitoring tool shows you all the sites linked to your competitors and to you at a go. This brings in new opportunities to approach those people and increase your link building directly within seconds.


Filter your search the way you want with the new and SEO backlink checker tool. You are free to filter links as per location, ranking, page score, domain type, do-follow and no-follow links. Your online presence needs the backlink checker online tool, to transform itself.

To know whether you are ahead of your competitor or not, you need to check your backlinks. Enter the URL of your website below and get started with backlinking for free.

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