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SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is the webpage shortlisted by Google when you search for any keyword on Google. Google SERP rank checker tool impacts your rankings. Every year, Google makes a bundle of changes for the general people to understand the other functions apart from the rankings. Traffic also depends on the position of the keywords, which you can know by the Google SERP keyword position checker feature of this tool.

Branded traffic for sure has the maximum CTRs and the maximum weightage! But, does this cut down the original organic traffic? For sure, NO! At whichever level your CTR graph may be: organic/ paid/ branded, our experts at Business Haarway are here to use our free Google SERP rank checker tool and assist you with the 100% keyword filtered ever-rising graph.


Google’s goal is to get the maximum content, while Business Haarway’s goal is to get the highest rank. We want you to have access to the best Google rank tracker tool. Making the right mixture of the Google algorithm, your current search ranking, keyword implementation, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, and link building; our experts get you to reach the 1st page of Google in the shortest time. This tool will also act as a Google page rank checker tool and manipulate traffic.

Let’s play this SERP and ranking game without getting penalized!

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  • Organic Traffic
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