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You need a toxic backlink checker to protect your business. Gone are the days when you could rescue by violating the Google webmaster’s black hat linking guidelines! Bad backlinks are the links generated from untrusted and non-verified sources. Google has started penalizing sites with bad backlinks that could get your site to the lowest SERP rank. You need our tool for bad link removal.

Want to save yourself from Google penalties? Start by identifying unnatural and low-quality links that are dragging your site down on search engines and remove spam backlinks with Haarway.


Spammy links have a more serious effect on a site than a good link! Save yourself and your site from Google’s fatality by identifying and removing bad backlinks with our free poor backlink checker tool, which has a bad backlink finder feature.

You can trust us when we say you can check bad backlinks free. We mean 100% free and reliable. Enter the URL of your website to detect and remove unnatural low-quality toxic links.

  • Backlink Identifier
  • Link Explorer
  • Site Cleaner
  • Unnatural Links
  • Low-quality Links
  • Link Networks
  • SERP Ranking
  • Anchortext Manipulator
  • Inbound Link
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