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Find out if Facebook Ads are worth your money
with out quick and easy opportunity calculator

Organic Reach Analysis

Learn how many people see your posts without Facebook advertisement. (Even within your fanbase, exposure isn't free.)

Cost-to-reach Calculator

Toggle between monthly budgets to see how spending a small amount on Facebook advertising can have a huge impact on your reach.

Learn about Targeting Options

Facebook advertising checker and tester tool offers many ways to choose who sees your ads-well show you which are the best and teach you why!

What you'll get

  • Facebook Business Page Overview
  • A true look at who sees your posts
  • Facebook ads estimated Cost-to-reach Calculator
  • Facebook Remarketing Simulator
  • ....More!

Facebook advertising reach calculator

Find out how many potential local customers you could reach with a Facebook ad campaign

1 Mile(s)
62 Mile(s)

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