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YouTube’s New Feature to Help Creators Manage Live Sessions

Day in and day out, countless individuals use YouTube to learn, be influenced, or have fun. Through large and small content providers and marketers, the strong content distribution network enables individuals to connect and inspire others.

Furthermore, YouTube, one of the best video marketing agencies, is leaving no stone in enhancing its software with new features and upgrades for the general public. For example, after Google improved its algorithm and began to include YouTube videos in search results, more users switched to YouTube.

As YouTube's popularity grows, numerous businesses and influencers generate fortunes by luring followers to their channels. Now it has developed a new feature for the ease of creators and YouTubers. Keep reading to know more.

What Does the New Update of YouTube Have?

YouTube has launched a new 'Live Q&A' function, which allows users to communicate with viewers during live streams. According to the company's blog, the new feature makes live streaming more engaging.

Using the 'Live Control Room' (LCR), users may establish and control Q&A sessions via live chat throughout their broadcasts and premieres. With 'Live Q&A,' users may develop a community while replying to many relevant questions their viewers ask.

How to Start the Live Question and Answer Session?

Creators must be live streaming or debuting a video to begin a Live Q&A on YouTube. When the premiere or live stream begins, press the '+' button at the bottom of the screen.

Once completed, you will see the 'Start Q&A' option. When individuals ask questions, they appear in the chat window.

If you wish to respond to a question, go to the question list, choose one to answer, and it will be tagged to the chat window's top. If you wish to terminate your Live Q&A session, click the 'End Q&A' banner at the top of the conversation, and you're done.

While YouTube will delete all unanswered questions, the Live Q&A session can be seen using the 'Chat Replay' function. According to the free business listing in India Google, the first questions filed will be at the top of the list. After 200 questions, the first ones will be removed.

The new tool is available with 'Live Polls,' which allows users to communicate with the viewers of their live stream. The new feature's questions are controlled by the same technologies that will enable people to supervise live chat.

Users may now block terms, hold for review, and report questions. Users with channel rights of 'Manager' or 'Editor' will be able to control the questions list, which includes "viewing the questions list, choosing questions to answer, deleting questions from the list," and much more.

YouTube Updates You Shouldn’t Miss

YouTube Studio Editor

YouTube upgraded its Studio Editor function in February with some optimizations to help video content makers even more. Users may quickly add video thumbnails, end screens, audio tracks, and information cards to their videos.

Empowered Subtitle Editors

"Subtitle Editor is a new channel permission in YouTube Studio that allows producers to outsource subtitle development on their channel to others," according to YouTube.

Increased Strictness

With a new optional feature in YouTube Studio, you may monitor potentially improper comments on videos as a creator.


YouTube announced "handles," which are effective '@names' for creators that will be used across platforms, making it simpler for fans to discover content and communicate with artists they love.

Unskippable Advertisements

According to the source, the Unskippable advertisements system is being tested for free YouTube users rather than Premium members. This has fuelled suspicion that YouTube intends to boost the number of subscribers to its subscription-based YouTube Premium content.

Things to be Noted

For the time being, the YouTube Live Q&A function is unavailable on mobile devices and only on desktop computers. Additionally, the live Q&A information will not be displayed in YouTube Analytics, and viewers can only submit one question per minute.

However, all of that will likely alter as Google continues developing the new feature. So, what are you waiting for? Create your channel or list your business in the best business listing sites in India to be featured globally.

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