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We have to say it- without utilizing a special tool to perform keyword research, it's as if you are working with a blindfold on your eyes. For any SEO campaign, keyword research becomes the first step. Why?

When you analyze the queries entered by your target audience on various search engines, you'll realize that by using those keywords you have the opportunity rank higher for the specific topic. In a way, you can say that it's the bread and butter of your digital brand. With high rankings in search engines, you get to generate more traffic on your website and ultimately, promote your products/services effectively. 

Importance of Keyword Research Tool 

First of all, it's the process of determining which keywords are relevant for your business and thereby, measuring how you rank for these topics on Google. Here's why you need to consider this as an integral part of your SEO efforts: 

  • Helps you to understand your brand more clearly
  • Gives you crucial information about the search intent of your audience
  • Makes the task easy for Google when it comes to understanding and ranking your business
  • Offers insight about what keywords your competitors are ranking for and how you can improvise
  • Drives traffic to your website

Tips to Make it Simple for You

With the best free keyword research tool, you open several doors to success. All you need is a set of 'good' keywords to benefit your overall strategy. Here are some tips to make it easier for you.

Find Keywords with High Search Volume

We will try to make this as simple as possible for you to digest the information. Suppose you own a website for training cats. Now, your site maybe doing well for the keyword 'training cats' and receives about 300 queries per month. However, when the result is compared with the usage of 'cat training' you'll find that there 6500 monthly browsers. Do you see where you might have gone wrong?

The more users that look for a keyword, the more chance there is for your site to be viewed. If you were to rank for high-search volume keywords then, be ready to welcome more traffic.

Assess the Difficulty to Rank

It would be meaningless to use keywords that will not cater to your website ranking high. This is what we call as keyword or SEO difficulty and it can be measured using the following aspects: 

Authority and Trust: You must know how much authority and trust has been gained by your domain as it's a significant factor for Google to assess the ranking credibility.

Backlinks: Be aware of how many external links without the no follow attribute gets passed on to the site.

Facebook Shares: It refers to how many Facebook shares are the for the domain targeting a particular keyword.

Keywords with a difficulty level of 0-9 are considered accessible, while those with a difficulty of 50 or more are considered challenging or impossible.

Find keywords with High Conversation Rates

Sometimes, its possible that high keyword difficulty can be an indication for quite a lengthy keyword. It's also true that with shorter terms, you experience high competition, making it all the more troublesome for you to rank.

Head Keywords: They comprise of at least 1-2 words and generally includes high search volume, high competition and high difficulty

Long-Tail Keywords: Although they have 3 or more words, they are rather more specific with a high rate of conversion.

Looking for an Effective Solution?

We know how important it is for you to choose the right free keyword research tool. That's why we recommend you to use the services provided by Business Haarway. They will help you find relevant keywords for a fruitful SEO campaign!

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