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What’s Business Listing? Dig in to Know Better!

In today’s fast-paced world, listing a business on one of the popular free local business listing sites in India could get you manifold benefits. With more and more people actively using the Internet today, it’s almost become an integral part of brand growth and development.  

Business listing are just like online phonebooks with a detailed library of crucial information such as your organization name, phone number, address, map listing, and more. Business listing sites could show up as or when people search for your local business on the web. These can help people spot your services through local search engines for brands in your intended industry. 

Practically, there is no dearth of listing portals available out there in the market today. Among a number of listing sites claiming to fame, Google, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, Merchant Circle, Yellow Pages, White Pages, Super Pages, Yellow Book, Manta, City Search, MapQuest, Local, Four Square, Angie’s List, Show Me Local, Brown Book, etc. have made their marks.  

Prior to getting listed on any of these aforementioned free business listing websites in India, ensure you understand your business type, intended market and customers in the first place. Subsequently, weigh some popular listing portals vis-à-vis your business, and narrow down on something that shares a synchronicity with your services/products, objectives, goals, visions, missions, and the likes.  

A Deeper Insight into Listing Portals  

Some of these aforementioned listings are universal. Others could be more crucial and beneficial based on the nature of your business. However, the most crucial business listings, irrespective of your services, products or offerings, are Facebook, Google, etc.  

If you want your venture to excel, thrive, and succeed in the long run, you should ensure your business is listed on either of these platforms or both! Furthermore, you should make sure that such listings are easy-to-discover, updated, fully optimized, and consistent.  

Major search engines such as Google, etc. rely on advanced tools like Google Keyword Planner for matching the online searches of users. By optimizing your listings on Google, Facebook, etc., you can update your pages with relevant information and keywords, which will later help you get more exposure for your brand. In a nutshell, your chances of being found in the ocean of competition will increase by leaps and bounds.  

How to List Your Business? Step-by-Step Guideline  

Once you shortlist the top business listing websites in India or finalize your decision about which site to go for, you should quickly understand the steps to enlisting your business on these sites.  

Have a glance – 

  • The very first step is to fill out every piece of information accurately. Make sure that you include your company’s name, contact number, phone number, etc. while listing your business. 
  • Fill out the “About” section of your online listings. Make sure that you add up only relevant keywords which your potential customers are most likely to search.   
  • Add photos to your business listings as or when possible. It’s advisable that you should list at least 3 photos of different types in your listing. These include exterior photos, interior photos, team/staff photos, and any specific branding through which you’re already popular or known.  

Upon finishing these steps, your listing would be launched. The more info you can offer, the better would be your listing. It’s important to understand that you must thoroughly check back to respond to any feedback you receive on Google, Facebook, and the likes. Whether the reviews are good, bad, or fake, each must be responded to from your business page.  

So, what are you still waiting for? Go ahead, and look up the best local business listing sites on the Internet without making any further delay. Before entrusting in a particular site, ensure that you deep dive into the research part to dig up more details about the same.  

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