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What are the Perks and Drawbacks of Snapchat for Business?

Believe it or not, the worldwide popularity of Snapchat is here to stay! Just like thousand other instant messaging apps claiming to fame, Snapchat, too, is expected to take the world by storm.

As per Mr. Spiegel, the reverent CEO of Snap Inc.’s, the popularity of Snapchat has already reached 90% between users ranging across 13-24 years in the USA. Over the past few years, this platform has continued to develop, adding about 9 million regular active users. During the mentioned time, Snapchat has boosted quarterly revenue by almost 17 percent!

Today, about 238 million users use this platform on a daily basis. According to the top digital marketing companies in India, every aspiring entrepreneur should tap into this established trust to extend their reach, expand their growth, and escalate their profits.

Why Should You Give Snapchat Marketing a Shot?

Snapchat came to the fore in the year 2011. Fast forward to 2022, and today it has become one of the most trusted social media platforms across the globe. While other popular virtual network sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. happen to be used by more users than Snapchat, but the latter is still very popular among brands and businesses.

Thanks to a whopping 319 million active users, Snapchat could be your ally in growing your business. You may hire count on marketing agencies to build a solid virtual marketing strategy for your business if you have no inkling about how Snapchat marketing works, how to reap its benefits in long run, etc.

However, before you go ahead and entrust any of the top social media marketing companies to build your Snapchat marketing strategy, get a grasp on the pros and cons of it, which will help you reap better results in your Snapchat endeavour –

Snapchat Supremacies for Your Business

Influence with Influencers

Snapchat might be used for some amusing account takeovers. Give someone influencer you trust access to your account, and they may spend the entire day snapping away with your followers. They may conduct a Q&A session or provide an exclusive look at your product or service.

Target the Youth

While people of all ages use social media, Snapchat is one that the younger generation prefers, with most Snapchat users aged 18 to 34. Snapchat also features a variety of amusing filters and stickers. Showing a personable and fun aspect of your company is an excellent method to market and create a devoted audience.

Increase Brand Awareness

Because it is a tried-and-true strategy, many well-known firms utilize Snapchat to market their products. Through amusing commercials, eye-catching filters, or engaging stories, Snapchat can help you reach a large audience.

Snap Moments

Do strange things happen at your workplace? Do you have an office pet that your staff enjoys photographing? Or do you have a profession that requires you to travel to exciting places? Show it out on Snapchat!

The Downside of Snapchat to Your Business

Not for Direct Marketing

Because Snapchat is not a broadcast platform, continually spamming advertisements for your products or services will not suffice. You'll need to figure out how to market your company invisibly. Your branding and marketing agency will help you by providing tips and techniques which will help you win over your viewers.

Time Restriction

If your content is longer than 10 seconds, you must publish many videos and make a clear point upfront. Too many videos may lose your audience's attention and become obnoxious. Snapchat movies and photos are likewise erased after 24 hours.

Snapchat is not a SOCIAL Platform

Although Snapchat is a social network, it is not as 'social' as other services. Audiences have few opportunities to interact with the commercials, which limits communication.

It doesn't provide any means to react or reshare the content the audience likes. Because Snapchat does not enable this social component, marketers find it challenging to capitalize on their increasing visibility.

Snapchat Marketing is Expensive

A high budget is required if you want to employ the Snapchat paid advertisement option. Note that this might be a considerable hardship for small and medium-sized businesses.

Should Businesses Snap or Not?

While everyone enjoys a good filter now and again, they are detrimental to one's mental health. We've grown so accustomed to seeing one other via a Snapchat filter that we've forgotten that actual people don't look like that.

Snapchat has a lot of space for expansion, and marketers are developing novel strategies to increase interaction on the network. Snapchat may be one of the finest methods to create an impression on a younger audience.

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