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What are the New Updates on Twitter after Musk Takes Over?

Twitter is revising its policy regarding user bans. According to reports, Twitter is changing its policy regarding permanent user bans to align content moderation with Elon Musk's vision for search engine advertising services.

Twitter has long been criticized by those who see it as a place where people can get away with saying and doing anything they want without consequences. A report as of March says that the company had deleted over 300,000 accounts per day since February 2018.

However, Twitter has also been criticized for not protecting users from harassment and abuse. The new policy will allow Twitter to suspend accounts for its terms of service violations.

Still, it will give users more control over their data and how third parties use it. According to many, Twitter has been investigating if there are alternative content moderation methods that may replace a suspension, its worst penalty for breaching rules.

Musk vowed quick changes to the social media platform's content regulation procedures after agreeing to buy Twitter for $44 billion in May. Elon Musk, who describes himself as a free speech absolutist, also stated that he would lift Twitter's ban on former US President Donald Trump.

According to the top social media marketing companies, employees have begun looking at places where they believe Twitter may have banned users for minor offenses such as spreading incorrect information. Over time, Twitter banned Kanye West's account, claiming that it deleted postings by the musician deemed anti-Semitic by internet users.

According to the source, any policy change would unlikely open the door for Trump's return to the platform. Twitter is not considering lifting bans imposed for infringing its policy and promoting violence.

Twitter and Donald Trump's spokespeople did not immediately reply to Reuters' requests for comment. Rival Meta has stated that it will withdraw its ban on Trump in January if and when the risk of violence has diminished, and YouTube has noted the same.

Twitter stated that it is "constantly evaluating the rules that govern our service as well as the tools and features that might foster healthy discourse." Twitter will suspend users permanently if they breach its rules severely or "repeatedly violate them even after receiving alerts from them," according to its website.

Twitter's regulations, for example, prohibit users from sharing violent threats, terrorism, harassment, or hate speech. The corporation has a precise "strike" policy in place for areas such as spreading Covid-19 disinformation, with five infractions, or strikes, resulting in a lifetime suspension.

In addition to banning, Twitter suspends temporary accounts and labels or restricts the display of information that violates its rules. Republicans would appreciate a shift away from permanent bans, since many have complained about censoring of conservative views on social media sites, which the platforms deny.

Many leftwing politicians and human rights advocates, on the other hand, have urged for platforms to crack down harder on the worst offenders. Here are the recent updates about Twitter:

  • On October 5, 2022, Twitter's Head of Social revealed that videos, photos, and GIFs could all be posted in the same Tweet as display advertising services.
  • Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal, legal and policy executive Vijaya Gadde, and General Counsel Sean Edgett resigned immediately as Elon Musk closed his plan to acquire Twitter on October 28, 2022.
  • Twitter Blue will now demand Verified Account status as the monthly membership service's pricing skyrockets to USD 20 per month. According to The Verge, Musk wants to raise the monthly fee of Twitter Blue to USD 19.99.
  • On September 1st, 2022, Twitter began bringing out its most desired and demanded feature: Edit Tweet. The tool is now only accessible for internal testing. Still, Twitter Blue members in select locations will be the first to try it publicly.
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