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Top 6 Free Local Business Listing Sites in India


This free business listing site in India has its own website and official apps for iOS and Android. Listings are arranged according to the type of business, and search results can be narrowed down by geographic region, pricing range, and special offerings like valet parking services, takeaway, bookings, and more.

Yelp also has a component that invites social interactions through written testimonials, star ratings, and pictures by the customers.

Google My Business

Google My Business is probably the most famous free business listing websites in India. Businesses and organisations can efficiently handle their web presence throughout Google with the Google Business Profile service. You have got everything to gain and nothing to lose when you verify your business on GMB.

It's easy for you to update your business information, and help people locate you faster via Google Maps. When you're trying to stay active, the only motivation you need is the fact that what stays out of sight, shall remain out of mind.

Trip Advisor

Consumers have a basic feature in common: they believe other consumers.

Before making vacation plans, travellers can get reassurance from TripAdvisor's reviews of lodging options, dining establishments, and tourist attractions.

Let's take a look at it from a different angle. Unlike physical goods, you can't really test a travel experience before buying. It's an intangible activity. However, Trip Advisor solves this issue by bringing along the concept of reviews. Reviews could actually be a turning point for you on TripAdvisor as they frequently determine whether a visitor would stay or not.

It has the quality of both free listing India and premium services.


To all the foodies out there, Zomato is one of the best free local business listing sites in India. It's like an extension of a physical restaurant, and customers use it to get a glimpse of what the business is actually like. They can find nearby restaurants because Zomato has a comprehensive database. Additionally, you can check the menu, pictures, and reviews. You can also place takeout orders, make reservations, etc.

Just Dial

Just Dial Limited is the most famous name for free business listing in India. Visitors have various ways to perform a search- text, voice, Android and iOS apps, a pan India number, and website.

Justdial launched "Search Plus" services for its subscribers. With the use of one App, these services hope to make a variety of daily tasks easily practical and attainable for users. As a result, it is now a driver of such transactions rather than merely a source of local searches and relevant information.

Additionally, Justdial recently introduced JD Omni, an all-inclusive project management solution for SMEs, with the goal of enabling hundreds of SMEs to effectively operate their services online and establish a robust web profile via their own websites and mobile sites.


As the name suggests, this is one of the best free business listing sites in India as it encapsulates the details of all the relevant local businesses. It's the largest online B2B marketplace that bridges the gap between suppliers and customers. Its market share is 60% of the country's classified market because the platform aims in providing all the necessary help to people, SMEs and large enterprises. Here, the goal had been the same since 1999- to make doing business a simple undertaking.

The End Note

If you want your business to perform well on the internet, you need to mark your presence with credibility, authenticity and trust amongst your customers. That can only be done if you increase your web profile!

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