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Tips to Repair the Repute of Your Brand

In today’s day and age of competition, if your business has the right repute, recognition and brand value in the market, half the battle is won! Did you know, about 44% people think that brand conversation becomes more persuasive than what a brand has to say through its ads? About 77% of customers tend to form an opinion about your business just by checking out your online reviews.

And, this does not end here! Did you know, it takes almost 40-50 positive customer feedbacks to undo the damage done by just single negative feedback? And, 65% of customers are most likely to click on negative reviews about your business? Sounds a bit scary, right? This is why, it’s important that you save up your brand image before it goes for a toss! And, exactly this is where the importance of online reputation management services comes into play.

Below are mentioned some tactics, which upon being followed to a T, can help you take your business reputation to another height.

Have a look –

  • The very first thing you need to do is to own your brand’s past. Strat with addressing the reasons why your brand earned a bad rap in the first place. Start acknowledging everything that has abolished your brand repute. If need be, seek apology to your consumers, and prep for a counter action plan to redeem it. You may take help of professional brand building service providers to make amends for the damage.
  • The next step is to take a tab on the negative conversation about your business. Build a crisis-listening program online to put an end to all the negative buzz and conversations happening around your brand. Ensure that you prevent the bloggers, online media and different social media groups from making any further allegation about your brand.
  • Make sure that you understand all the complaints your business has received. Count on different social media accounts to clarify your clients’ misunderstandings. Strike up a conversation with them to resolve their grievance about your brand. You may hire online advertising services to work on the overall repute of your business.
  • Adjust your virtual response plans and programs based on a thorough research, not on your sentiments. Have accurate and updated analytics in place for making a more informed decision. Surges in online traffic from different websites where users generally deliver anonymous posts, can certainly insinuate at the potential development of a crisis.
  • Don’t forget to monitor different platforms (i.e. Glassdoor, etc.) where employees are most likely to share their complaints, grudge or grievances about their organizations. Who knows you may stumble upon one or two negative reviews of your company on any such platform!
  • Start being more proactive to put an end to trivial issues from snowballing into a major crisis. Use decision trees which include the right steps to take as or when any issue surfaces on the web or within the organization for a faster and smoother management of that potential issue.
  • Own multiple variations of your site URL, which includes negative versions. Take complaints offline as or when possible. It will ensure that you can provide a more instant response for your customers and a lot lesser exposure about the glit chat hand.
  • Be as quick as possible to apologize to your customer complaints. Always keep in your mind that it’s your happy customers and their positive feedbacks about your products or services, which will ultimately save you from a major repute faux pass! Also, the more interactive you will become with your customers, the better rapport you can forge with them.
  • Start using customer testimonials to earn more trust and establish a strong credibility for your brand. If possible, encourage the popular social media influencers to share their remarks or opinions about your brand. Their praises and appreciations will help you boost your brand image to a great extent.
  • Reward your most loyal customers. Make your customers and supporters feel valued by offering them exclusive products or experiences.

The entire process of brand reputation building is time-taking. It entails consistent efforts to fix a brand repute, which has been tarnished due to any reason. Patience is the key! You must give ample time to this whole process of revamping your brand image and repute.

For instant results, you may enlist your business with the most reputed Indian local business listing sites without wasting any further time. This will give your brand an extra milage and an edge in the market which is mired with competition. 

Wishing you all the luck in your mission brand reputation repair!

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