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Things to Know Before Starting Business Listing Websites in India

Business listing sites in India are crucial to the growth of any brand. An owner cannot properly reach their audience and create sales if his brand is not listed on one of the most popular business listing websites. Getting a business listed will also do wonders in SEO. A listed website is more likely to get a higher ranking by search engines than those that are not.

Are you planning to help businesses by starting a business listing website of your own? Well, then we are here to assist you. If you are doing this for the first time, you may be unaware of what you need to keep in mind while creating such a website.

In this article, we will enrich your information about the process of business listing as a whole. In addition to discussing some crucial factors, you must consider while creating your listing website.

How to Identify a Business Listing Site?

You may have come across a humongous array of websites. Could you understand which of those are listing sites? Well, let us take Zomato, for example. Whenever you are in the mood to order food, you visit this website. There, you come across multiple restaurants, choose the one that suits your needs, and place an order. Any of the top business listing sites in India follows the same principle.

One goes to a listing website, chooses a business that he feels caters to his needs and requirements and then spends money on its products and services. A business directory website acts as a platform for all kinds of businesses. It helps them be discoverable to potential customers and clients.

What are Its Different Types?

Yes, even business listing sites have types. You can choose one that suits your niche. Let us have a glance at some of the common types.

  • Restaurant Listing Websites: Here, all the popular restaurants are listed. You can look for a dish that will display all the restaurants near you offering it.
  • Review Listing Websites: Many businesses are reviewed by customers almost daily. To get access to those, one can visit such a directory.
  • Real-Estate Listing Websites: These are listing websites that people generally visit when planning to buy or rent a house.
  • Education Business Listing Websites: This directory lists sites with some educational content.

After informing you about the concept and its types, let us move on to how you can create business listing websites in India.

Things to Know While Starting an Online Business Directory Decide Your Niche

Decide Your Niche

From the points mentioned above in the article, you must have already understood that, like businesses, the best business listing sites in India also have niches. Zomato is known for its restaurant listings, Trivago is famous for hotel price listings, and JustDial is known for listing local businesses.

Purchase a Domain

After you are sure about the niche you want to go for, the next step in creating business listing websites in India is to purchase a domain. A domain refers to a web address that your directory website will point to.

Ensure that your domain is a unique one. A unique domain name makes any website easier to discover for customers. It needs to be easy to remember for the customers. Also, make sure that it does not consist of numbers or hyphens. Afterwards, you must register your domain from a website like GoDaddy.

Set Up WordPress

WordPress, as you must already be aware, is the most popular content management system and is used worldwide for content creation and posting. WordPress will help you create content for your website, even if you have no coding knowledge. All you need are WordPress themes and plugins for a listing site.

WordPress comes packed with a massive array of in-built plugins and themes. The themes will allow you to improve the appearance of your website. In contrast, the plugins will provide your site with the required functionality.

After finalising your domain name, the next important step is to pay for WordPress hosting. Many web-hosting providers let you both register your domain and host WordPress.

Choose the Theme and Plugin

As you are done with WordPress hosting, choosing a theme for your business listing website is time. Several themes are made exclusively for business listing websites. Go through the list and select the one that most appeals to you.

After finalising a theme, you must download and set up the corresponding plugin. Every single theme in WordPress has a plugin of its own. You can search for it by name. Choose the theme carefully because it is the first thing visitors will see when they open your online directory.

Populate and Promote

The next and final step, which is also the most important, is populating your listing site with business. By this step, you are already clear about your niche, so add businesses to your site according to your niche. Add necessary information about the businesses. Create front-end forms, which will allow business owners to list their brand on your site.

Lastly, promote it after you feel you have added an ample number of businesses to your site. Proper promotional methods will help your listing website reach the maximum number of people. Research how other business listing websites in India are being promoted and choose one of those.

Create an Online Directory and Showcase Businesses

From the above article, you must have inferred that creating a site for local business listing in India is not complicated if you know the right way. The methods mentioned above will help you build a robust online business directory.

You must have also understood that creating a listing site is different from creating any other kind of personal website. You need to be careful about following the steps properly and in order. Any misstep can result in a lack of attention from the viewers.

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