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SEO 2022: Google Algorithm Ranking Factors

As we all know, the ranking decided by the Google algorithm is the most effective way to positively promote your brand website in front of your customers and clients. Your online presence is bound to get hugely affected by even a slight change in the Google ranking, as it dictates the quality of the performance of your website.

If you are a business owner and intend to grow it online and share information about it with your clients and customers, you need to give special attention to your online presence. Remember, after you crack any deal with your client, the first thing he will do is look you up on the internet. This is the time when he is going to search the name of your brand on Google. Now, if you have already aced the ROI-oriented SEO by then, your name will show at the top of the list.

Google's algorithm has been there since the search engine itself was created. Since then, it has been affecting a large number of businesses. The Google algorithm has been there for a very long time, and even though the core is the same, many changes have been made to it over the years.

Many websites have been continuously analyzing the algorithm of Google to point out the minute changes that took place over the years. They have also published all those reports publicly. Popular companies have an adequate quantity of data about the changes to reach a proper conclusion.

This article will be a detailed account of Google's algorithm system, both the old one and the new rules that have been introduced. This article will be beneficial for you if you are a business owner because it will inform you about the Google algorithm factors for the year 2022. You will get a clear idea about the changes that will take place in Google's algorithm in the upcoming year.

Weight of the Google Ranking Factors of 2022

In the forthcoming list, the factors are mentioned on the left side, while on the left side is the weight of each. In the list, the ones with a down arrow on the side have gone down in importance in the year 2021, while the rest have not been affected:-

 Engaging Content

 -  Use of Keywords in Meta Title Tags

 -  Use of Backlinks

 -  Having Niche Expertise

 -  Engagement of the User

 -  Addition of Internal Links

 -  Mobile-friendliness

 -  Webpage Loading Speed

 -  Site Security Measures

 -  Schema Markup

 -  Inclusion of Keywords in URL

 -  Use of Keywords in Header Tags

 -  Adding Keywords to Meta Description Tags

After getting an idea of the list and the weight of each factor, let's talk about some of the elements in a bit more detail to have a clearer picture of each of them. If you do not know what these factors refer to, you will not be able to capitalize upon them.

Updated Ranking Factors for Google's Algorithm in 2022

Let us take a look at the changes that occurred in the algorithm of Google in the year 2021 first, as that will help you understand how the algorithm will get affected in the future.

  • Content Engagement

Content engagement stayed steady at 26% almost throughout the year because the content does not include written words only. Nowadays, with the advancement in the quality of content, the UI plays a considerable part in the quality of a piece of content is. Google constantly continues to reward all those websites which have good quality content. Like always, Google sends crawlers to every single webpage to analyze all the available content and rank them accordingly. If you have a website that includes content and updates the same regularly, your rank will not go down.

The content engagement has recently surpassed backlinks. The number one factor Google considers while ranking a website. Content is going to retain the importance it already has. Google prioritizes content, as it is already pretty obvious. However, it is noticed that it presently analyzes the content that is newly published to see if the response it generates from the keywords is satisfactory. All in all, Google rewards all those websites that update their content at least twice every week.

  • Inclusion of Keywords within Meta Title Tags

Since then, when Google was first developed, this has been a crucial part of the algorithm. Keywords can bring about a lot of boosts to the number of customers you generate. Applying the keyword strategy is quite cumbersome. To correctly use this strategy, one needs to spend at least twenty to thirty minutes on every single page. It would be best to keep in mind that placing a keyword correctly involves the concentration of a keyword within a tag title. Ideally, Your meta tag should include only the keyword you have targeted, but you may need to add specific words around it to make it easier to read.

In 2021, this particular factor has been more affected than any other point on this list. From 22% it has gone straight down to 17%. The main reason for this drastic drop is that Google can now automatically generate keywords for meta titles. However, this factor is crucial despite the decline because using the right keywords at the correct spots is still not possible automatically.

  • Mobile-Friendliness is the Future

You must already know that viewers worldwide prefer convenience over everything else. Nowadays, whenever a person needs to open a site, he opens his mobile and checks the website out. He does not go through the hassle of switching on his laptop or desktop to open the website. Google, too has welcomed this change with open arms. Like 2021, where websites with good mobile versions have ranked higher on the search engine, in 2022 as well, Google is going to prefer the sites with these characteristics. Google believes that the desktop version shouldn't even exist, as people always choose the smoother and easy-to-navigate mobile versions.

  • Page Load Speed is Important

Google has always prioritized user experience over anything else. No wonder it has invested in numerous data centers across the entire world just so that users can get answers to every question in milliseconds. If your website is built so that the pages load in under three seconds, you are bound to get a good ranking from Google. However, with the arrival of 2022, Google has stopped rewarding fast pages that have a load time of one second or less. Nevertheless, you need to keep in mind that you will have an overall upper hand if your website's load times are high. The traffic your site receives also depends hugely upon the speed of your page. Nobody wants to navigate through a slow runner.

  • Backlinks are the Most Significant

As experts already know, Backlinks are the foundation of the algorithm of Google. However, in 2018, this particular factor has lost a lot of traction because of all the other elements. Backlinks are essential, but the content must be of high quality in which the backlinks are added. Backlinks will do their magic only if the content is up to the mark.

Through the year 2021, Backlinks have gone down very slightly, just around 1%. It has gone down from 16% to 15%. This has happened to establish that even if the content is not good, backlinks hold a value of their own.

  • Website Security

Today as the internet has become the most critical necessity in our lives, it is natural that hackers are coming up with new ways to hack your information online. When you create a website and add data in there, you are throwing out critical data out in the open if you are not taking any security measures. Google knows that hackers nowadays have become sophisticated and can be a nightmare. This is the reason why Google rankings vary depending upon the same.

Google will not give your site a good rank if it does not have an SSL certificate. If your website name does not have an 'HTTPS' before the domain name, the chance of your site getting a high rank is slim. Security is a vital factor, and it is implausible to lose importance anytime soon.

Getting A High Rank on Google Will Be Tougher in 2022

From the above-detailed blog, you must have already concluded that getting a high rank on Google for your website will only get more complex. As years go by, the factors mentioned above will either loss or gain importance, but they will always retain relevance. So you must always keep these factors in mind if you run a business and have a website for the same.

A smart thing to do would be to invest money in a services reliable SEO company in India. It will consist of experts who will make the entire process drastically simpler. People who have experience in dealing with Google algorithms are going to make sure that your rankings remain as high as possible.

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