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List of the 12 Most Popular Business Listing Websites in India

Local Business Listing in India of your brand is significant, and it needs more attention than people generally tend to give to it. Listing is one of the most critical parts of the early stages of your business growth. Without a proper listing, you cannot expect your brand to reach the number of potential clients and customers you want.

List your brand to make sure that your brand gets the maximum exposure on the internet. The listing sites will take the responsibility of making people on the internet aware of your existence and provide a substantial boost to your popularity.

In this specific article, we will discuss the business listing process in detail. We will first take a brief look at the benefits of listing your business. Following that, we will provide detailed information about India's top five business listing sites in the city.

Profitable Impacts of Listing Your Business

If you are a business owner, there cannot be a better move than getting your business listed on a reputed business listing website. It has many benefits, but in this section, let us discuss some of the most relevant ones. Getting your business listed will:

  • Boost Overall SEO: It is undoubtedly the most effective way of boosting search engine rankings. Listing your business can drastically increase your brand's chances of appearing on the first page of popular search engines.
  • Improve brand familiarity: Once you list your business on one of the most popular business listing sites, people will be able to see the name of your brand the moment they visit those websites. It will boost the familiarity of your brand, and as a result, they will look for your brand next time they look for a product of your niche.
  • Amplify Website traffic: When you list your business, your website will benefit the most. Getting your business listed will ensure that the overall website traffic receives a substantial boost.

Listing Websites You Should Look Out For

Google My Business

The moment you start looking for a local business directory in India, the first site you will come across is Google My Business. It is a free site and will help your business stand out among your rivals.

To get your business listed on Google My Business, you need to visit the website and follow the steps mentioned. The measures include adding your business, along with all the updated contact information related to your business, and then verifying and claiming your business.

GMB helps your business grow through the help of the positive reviews that your customers and clients leave about your brand on Google.


Bing is another popular business listing website that ensures you receive a premium experience throughout the listing process. You need no money if you plan to list your business on it.

Listing your business on Bing involves three main steps. Firstly, you have the option to either claim an existing listing or to add a new one. You can also use its bulk upload tool to add multiple locations for your business if need be. The next step involves adding updated details about your business, and lastly, you need to verify your listing.


Sulekha is a name that even people not from a business background will instantly recognise. It has been on the spectrum for a long time and is still considered one of the most influential business listing sites.

Starting to list your business on Sulekha requires you to add information about the service you provide as a brand, the location of your business, and your official mobile number.


Anybody who has tried to list his business in an online business directory website is aware of the existence of Haarway. In a brief period, Haarway has gathered a substantial amount of popularity and is today known as one of India's most influential business listing sites. It helps you promote your business, search for prospects, and leverage profits.

The first step to getting your business listed on Haarway is to visit their website and add your business name, category, city, and contact details. You will need to click on submit after you agree to its terms and conditions.


Justdial should always be on top of your list when considering getting your business listed online. It will instantly make your brand familiar to people who visit listing websites regularly.

To start the listing process, you need to provide essential details about your company, like name, company name and contact number.


Business owners of many industries can use this listing site. You can add minute details about your business on this site so that people can discover you and get in touch with you.


Beautiful photos characterise Tripadvisor. It helps customers to locate your business anywhere in the world. It also shows them pictures of your establishment. Reviews on Tripadvisor help you garner a bigger group of customers.


MerchantCircle lets you add essential details about your business as a part of your listing, and you can even respond to the reviews that customers leave on the site.

Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo small business is ideal if you are beginning your journey in the business world. It consists of all the features your business needs in its early days. It also helps you to track your views and clicks, which is crucial in the beginning.


It is another popular listing site. In addition to your basic contact details, it also lets you add information regarding payment options. You can also mention in the listing whether you offer free WiFi.


This listing website functions differently than traditional listing sites. They conduct surveys to know what their customers require from businesses and then curate a list of companies to help satisfy their requirements.


Superpages lets you add your contact details so that people can go through your listing and search for an option to contact you and make a purchase.

Getting Your Business Helps You Gain Profits

From the above website, you can very well conclude that going through the list of Indian local business listing sites is the first thing you need to focus on the moment you complete setting your business up.

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