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Keep up With These Tried and Tested Tricks to Promote Your Website

Owning a website has become mandatory these days as most people use the internet for everything they need. The quality of your website would have a substantial impact on the results you reap from your marketing campaigns. You probably heard of the popular maxim that says – “CONTENT IS KING.” And, this is not even least bit exaggerated! Content may be the king, but your website is the castle!

A website is what your audience before they even have a chance to look into your contents. And, it sets the tone for their overall experience. Always keep in mind that there are millions of websites competing for your intended audiences’ interest and attention. Hence, it is important that you promote your website in a way so that you can engage your visitors and retain their interests.

The importance of a website is paramount when it comes to building trust. You would be taken aback to know that out of 100 factors that lead customers to mistrust, 94% is usually related to a website! In maximum cases, people are mainly turned off not by the content, but by a website – its design, colours used, how fast it loads, how much user-friendly it is, whether mobile-friendly or not, etc.

So, if you want your customers or prospects to trust your brand, it’s clear that your website needs to be on-point. And, hence is important web promotional strategies and activities! Your website promotional campaign is more important than any other marketing activity. And, it’s simply because your website is the ultimate endpoint for all of your external marketing campaigns. However, there are a number of popular sites to list your business for free. You may enlist your brand with any of such listing portal besides enhancing your site promotion strategies.

Below are mentioned some tried and tested tactics, which upon being followed to the T, can spell benefits galore.

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Some of the Most Effective Strategies to Promote Your Website

Power up your website promotion arsenal with these following strategies –

Solidify Your SEO Game

Search Engine Optimization is important to drive a consistent stream of organic traffic to your website on a daily basis. Make sure that the contents you publish on your site are relevant to the audiences you’re intended to tap into. Hire the top digital marketing experts to run both on-page and off-page SEO campaigns to solidify your search engine strategies.

Refrain from publishing random and obtrusive ads on your site. Invest in a Google SERP rank checker tool to check your site’s ranking. Also, consider maximizing the number of inbound links or backlinks to increase your site’s popularity.

Edit the Existing Web Contents

A very effective way to enhance the organic search result is through editing or finetuning the existing contents. To denote that your website is up-and-running, ensure that you’re updating it with daily or weekly blog posts. To draw new visitors, you must publish engaging and informative guest blogs, too.

Another crucial point to remember is that you must not hold search engine crawlers back from crawling and indexing the most important sections or pages of your site. Besides, you must optimize your meta tags and descriptions, and pick the right keywords to increase your exposure on search results. It’s advisable that you should use advanced Bing SERP tracker tool to keep a close and continuous track on your site’s ranking.

Reap the Benefits of Email Marketing

One of the most important goals of a good online store promotion strategy is the growth of an email list! Even amidst the predominance of social media, emails are considered as 40 times more effective in terms of customer acquisition than Twitter or Facebook combined! For every 1 dollar invested, email marketing returns an average of about 38 dollars. This is equivalent to whopping 3,700% ROI!

Invest time in creating compelling emailers. Encourage your customers or prospects to get back to your site as frequently as possible. This will ensure that they are not missing out on any important posts including, blog, video, ad, product description, etc. on your website.

Always remember that your customers want authentic information from you, and you need prospects who are actually interested in your online store. To keep things real, it’s advisable that you should grow your list organically.

Pin Your Faith in Social Media

Social media has become the Internet! Just like your emailers, your social network sites will help you reach out to thousands of prospects worldwide. Millions of users use social media on a daily basis. Tapping into this established trust, you can reach out to more and more users the world across.

This is why, you should promote your brand, website, blog posts, etc. through multiple external channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This will help you maximize your brand’s awareness.

Consider publishing micro contents like video, blog posts, images, short text posts, etc. to engage and offer value natively. However, you shouldn’t be everywhere on social media. Rather, choose to promote your website only where your target audiences are most likely to hang out.

Promote Through Words of Mouth

Never ever undermine the power of words of mouth especially when it comes to promoting your website! Ask your most loyal customers to recommend your business or products/services to their near and dear ones. Dedicate one page of your website to publish your client reviews and opinions of your brand. This will help you earn more traffic and trust.

You can emphasize building connection with your followers or fans to strengthen your bonding. This will help you acquire more positive feedbacks and recommendations. To enhance your brand repute, you can rely on PR strategies, too. Influencers or PR strategies can work wonders in spreading more awareness about your brand’s existence, your services and laurels.

The Final Takeaway

We know that just like any aspiring and ambitious entrepreneur, you, too, have a lot to juggle! From dealing with clients to answering mails and running your business smoothly – there’s always responsibilities overload on your plate. Snatching time out from your packed schedule might be difficult for you, but make sure that you abide by the aforementioned strategies to promote your website.

Your website is your brand’s asset, after all!

So, a bit of struggle to promote it is worth your time!

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