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Google Search Operators for SEOs in 2022

Google search operators make it so much easier to find stuff online.

You'll wonder how you ever got by without a handful of these special instructions once you've mastered a couple of them.

We'll walk you through some of the most excellent Google advanced search operators and teach you how to utilize them successfully in this post.

What is Google Search Operators? 

Google search operators are nothing new to SEO services providers and web admins worldwide.

Google search operators, also known as Google advanced search operators or Google search commands, are unique commands on Google that enhance the possibilities of standard text searches.

Search operators let you filter your search results and may be used for everything from content research to locating online discussion forums to technical SEO audits.

They are also compatible with other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

Like Gmail search operators, Google search operators help you locate precisely what you're looking for in everyone's favourite search engine.

Google search operators assist you in various methods, such as doing SEO audits and content research.

Google's advanced search commands assist you in narrowing your search queries and obtaining precise results.

Here is a List of Some of the Finest Google Search Operators

Most of these operators are brief and basic commands that will get you closer to your search results while saving you a lot of time.

  • Exact Match Search

If you have a specific search in mind, you may enclose the search phrases in quotation marks ("") to receive results for the precise query.

Syntax: "Search term."

  • Exclude Word

If you wish to hunt for terms with many meanings, you can use a specific Google search query.

You must enter the desired work, a hyphen (-), and the purpose you want to exclude from search results.

Syntax: -Search term

  • Exclude Exact-Match Phrases

If you still can't locate the required result after removing words, you may exclude an exact-match phrase by typing your search term, followed by a hyphen (-), and then the phrase you wish to exclude from the search.

Syntax: "Search term" -Search term 


    -Search team "Search term"

You may keep adding phrases to the above command by separating them with a hyphen and then putting the term you wish to exclude between quotation marks.

  • Use of OR Command

Try utilizing the OR command if you don't want your search results to be exact but still want to influence the search result.

The OR command instructs Google to provide results linked to any of the two keywords typed before and after OR.

Syntax: Search term OR Search word 


           Search word | Search term

For example, let's say you want to search for the best SEO company in Indiayou can use the command {SEO Service Providers OR SEO company in India}

  • Customize OR Command

You may use the OR Google search command to select two particular terms in the search results if you wish to seek them.

Syntax: "Search term" OR Search word 


           Search word | Search term

  • Wildcard

An asterisk (*) represents the wildcard operator. If you include this asterisk in the search command, it will return all versions of the searched word.

Syntax: Search*word

Try the Wildcard search operator with the following terms:

  • SEO*2020
  • Strategy*Link Building
  • Including words

You can also include words by using the plus (+) command, just like excluding them.

Syntax: Search +term

  • Finding words Around Other

The AROUND (X) operator is a Google search query few people use. This command may be used to find terms in a phrase near each other.

X specifies the maximum number of words that can separate the two phrases. This is handy when looking for material that connects two topics.

Syntax: Search word ()

  • Searching Specific Site

If you want to see the search results from a specific website, use site: the website's name from which you want to see the results.

Syntax: "Search term"

You may also select the term or key phrase that you are looking for on that specific site.

  • Browse Related Websites

This command is intended to identify sites related to areas you are already familiar with. You should use the related: site name command.

Syntax: Related:Site name

Consider the following examples for the search similar sites command:


  • View Cached Versions

The cache: site name command is used to determine when Google indexed the most "latest" cached version of a web page.

Syntax: cache:site name

  • Specific Domain Type Search

Enter the command site: net if you wish to see search results from a specific domain, such as .org.

Syntax: site:domain type

  • Using a Range of Numbers to Search

Google may discover results that involve a variety of numbers. To do this, put two periods (..) between both integers to create the range.

Syntax: Keyword starting range number..ending range number

For example, if you have a specific budget for purchasing a mobile phone and don't want to view models that surpass it, you may utilize the Google search tool [mobile price 20,000... 50,000].

  • Find keywords on Title Page

You can use the Google search query intitle: keyword to find a specific term within a page title.

Syntax: intitle:keyword

  • Find phrases in Page Title

Using the allintitle:phrase command, you can search for an entire phrase in the title.

Syntax: allintitle:phrase

  • Locate Keyword in the Page Content

To search for pages that include certain terms anywhere in the content.


  • Finding phrases in Page Content

You can find phrases from the body text.

Syntax: allintext:phrase

  • Finding keywords and phrases in Anchor text

Enter the command inanchor: keyword to find a keyword in the anchor text.

You'll need to use the Google search operator command allinanchor: key to discovering a key in the anchor text.

Syntax: anchor: keyword

  • Searching by File Type

If you want to find a specific file type, such as PDF, use the search phrase followed by the command filetype: pdf. You will only obtain results that include PDF files.

Syntax: Filetype:specify the file format

  • Find Definitions

Do you want to know what a search word means? Use the Google Search Command define: search keyword to find what you're looking for.

Syntax: define: keyword

Summing Up

You've got this far; it implies you're pretty interested in understanding the Google search operators list.

The Google search operator list is a fantastic resource for aspiring SEO experts and digital marketing enthusiasts, so make use of it. 

It's as simple as looking anything up on Google. Just like a text search, you may insert search operators right into the Google search box.

Google will return typical organic results unless there is a particular situation.

You can improve the accuracy of your search results by including symbols and/or words in your search keywords.

Just Keep in Mind:

  • Any punctuation (that isn't part of a search operator) is usually ignored by Google.
  • There should be no gaps between the sign or phrase and your search term.

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Google remains the unrivaled monarch of search engines. 

Knowing how Google works and how to improve your rating in Google SERPs is what keeps 99 percent of SEO practitioners afloat. Even still, Google continues to be a mystery to SEOs, particularly when it comes to employing Google's sophisticated search operators.

Google is always developing new initiatives and discontinuing old ones. They generally remove their rarely-used search operators with minimal notice, so keep an eye out for updated listings.

The google search operators for SEOs in 2022 will help you find profitable organic keywords in the search engine results pages.

It's a useful research ability to be able to narrow your searches using Google search operators. Google is an extraordinarily versatile web tool because of its powerful but lesser-known capabilities. Knowing even a few fundamental commands might give you an advantage.

Google search operators are similar to hidden cheat codes that assist you in obtaining more relevant search results. You still input your search into Google's search box, but with search operators, you may add a bit of text that becomes shorthand for unique instructions regarding that search.

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