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Google Changed the ‘Original View’ to ‘Integrate View’ for Gmail

Google has stated that the newly updated Gmail look will be available to online users. As promised, the upgrade is being sent out in stages to all accounts, including workspace clients and private search engine advertising services worldwide. 

"We're launching a new, integrated approach for Gmail that simplifies switching between critical services like Gmail, Chat, and Meet in a single, unified location," the company noted. Everyone noticed that Gmail had a new style and user experience in February.  

Users first have the option to opt-in to try the new experience. This will help you get used to the new design. If dissatisfied, users may return to their old Gmail via settings. 

What's New in the Layout of Gmail? 

The new appearance of Gmail has a left column that includes links to Mail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet. According to Google, the integrated view will first be available to users who have enabled Chat. 

Users must go to Settings (behind the cog symbol) and examine "full settings" before enabling Chat. Gmail will then display the updated view. 

After enabling the new layout, Gmail users may utilize Quick Settings to specify the mix of Gmail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet they want to see in the left column. The new appearance is consistent with Google's Material 3 design style. 

Aside from the left column, the new layout does not significantly alter the appearance of Gmail. Google allows you to customize the side panel via fast settings.  

Users can delete the default applications and replace them with vital apps for easy access. Google states in its explanation of the new Gmail UI that, using Quick Settings, users may pick which applications they want to toggle between on the left side of the window.  

Users will also notice a distinct area for system labels such as Starred, Snoozed, and Important and the possibility to customize them. Users who enjoy chatting will see discussion bubbles with excerpts of incoming messages and choices to quickly reply rather than opening the complete message. 

The Next Step 

Google will update Gmail for tablets later this year. Google has not revealed the tablet advancements, but it has announced Android tablet-friendly changes for Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Keep, including drag-and-drop capability, keyboard shortcut support, and a side-by-side view of Drive windows. 

Google has also improved Gmail's search and recommendation capabilities with the google crawlability test and changed contextual contact suggestions when searching for a name in Gmail. According to Google's Workspace, "recommendations are reordered to more likely match contact requests with first names or email addresses rather than last names." 

There are also tailored recommendations based on previous interactions, such as how frequently a user communicates with a co-worker over Gmail. Google's help website for the integrated Gmail view walks you through the procedures for opting into the new view or reverting to the previous layout. 

The Key Takeaways 

Gmail is one of the most used and the best email marketing service, with over a billion users. However, people's devotion to Google's email product does not imply that they are always pleased with it.  

In 2017, the firm stopped reading your emails to target you with adverts better. Still, it won't disclose if its privacy safeguards prevent corporations from embedding tracking technology inside emails.  

Google discontinued free picture storage last year. Some users are now seeing notifications at the top of their inboxes that they will soon exhaust the 15 free gigabytes of storage with a Google account.  

App redesigns are rarely well-received by app users. To return to the previous version, go to Settings and select "Go back to the original view." 

Select "Customize" under "Apps in Gmail." Choose whatever applications to add, and they'll appear in the left-hand menu beside Mail and Spaces after refreshing. 

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