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Get Your Local Business Listed on Google Now!

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While practically all of us visit a search engine like Google on a timely basis, an astounding percentage of local businesses are either not indexed on Google or are included but are difficult to find by their prospective customers and clients. Even after Google being the top free local business listing sites in India, many owners don't know how to utilize it properly.

If this describes you, you're undoubtedly asking yourself, "How can I get my company to come up on Google?" Here are the basic processes in a brief:

Register and validate a "Google My Business" profile, develop a website (it doesn't have to be stylish), and market your company's name, area, and contact details.

1. Create a Google My Business Account on Google Maps

In this article, you'll discover how to swiftly implement these steps so that your firm may go from not displaying on Google search results to ranking #1 for your company name.

When you incorporate your brand on Google Maps, customers and visitors who are already familiar with your company will be able to easily find routes to your outlet or workplace.

This is also the primary step in getting your shop to appear when customers focus on specific offerings in your area. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could pop up in the front and centre on Maps when a user searches for "grocery shops near me" if you're a grocery vendor?

You must establish and authorize a "Google My Business" account in order for the company to appear on Google Maps. It's completely free and simple to do. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to accomplish it-

i) Login to Your Google Account

Click in to your Google account first because to register and authorize your listing, you'll require a profile. Sign in to any Google account. You can use a regular Google account. Don't worry, your email id and passwords will not be visible to the public. However, we do suggest using a Google account for your company instead.

ii) Go to Google My Business

Once you are signed in, go to manage my business to create business page.

You'll see a search bar there, all you need to do is enter the name of your firm. If a listing appears, type your business name into the search box and click on it to claim it. If nothing appears, select "Create a business with this name" from the drop-down menu.

iii) Type Your Business Name in the Box

Fill in the "business title" box with the exact name of your company as you want it to appear on the internet. You are not required to use a suffix such as "LLC" or "Inc," but you may do so if you wish.

iv) Enter the Business Category

Enter the category that perfectly represents your firm in the "Business category" section. That's how Google decides when your business profile should be displayed to those looking for the solutions you provide.

We advocate broadening your scope as far as necessary while being accurate. If you solely work for an Italian restaurant joint, then "restaurant'' is probably the appropriate category for you. But if you're a vendor who does several services at once, a general contractor is the one to go with.

You have to be particular and accurate with the category because it'll be beneficial for Google crawlability tests. Google will know which industry to index your business for, and you'll be shown in front of the interested users.

v) Does your Business Have a Physical Location?

In most cases, the safest decision is to say "Yes."

Pick "Yes" if your company has a physical location that clients can access. Even if your clients or customers don't usually come to your house or office offices, we propose selecting "Yes" so that others may see if you're close by.

vi) Next Step is to Simply Enter the Correct Address, Phone Number, Opening Hours, Description and Images

In this stage, enter your business phone number rather than your personal cell information. This is the contact information that will appear on your Google My Business profile in the public sphere.

If you have a website, well and good. Enter its domain address. If not, select you don't have one yet. However, you can edit it once you have a website up and running!

Next thing to remember is that Google is also a visual medium. So, the more photos you have of your business, the better. To gain a better understanding of your page, you can check via robots file checker tool whether or not your .text files somehow block Google web crawlers from indexing your site.

vii) Choose Your Verification Process

Google must confirm that you have the responsibility to publish and administer your company's Google My Business page.

You'll have two options on your hand. One option is to have a Verification letter sent to your company's address. The postcard option will take around 2-5 days.

Another one that might be available is getting a pin over call or text on your registered phone number. Here, you'll have to follow the prompts.

The method keeps on changing, so choose the one best feasible for you.

And Voila! You have a GMB listing of your business. However, it's always advisable to search for more free business listing websites in India to increase your digital footprint.

2. Build a Website

Once you have completed the above-mentioned steps to get a GMB profile, here comes the next big thing. If your local business is well known in the area, you will have no trouble in appearing in front of the audience.

However, in most cases you will have to invest in building a website and perform search engine optimization to get the most out of your Google presence. Don't worry, even a simple one will do the trick.

First impressions are important, and websites provide you the opportunity to make a good one with a well-designed introduction to your company. A website can help you demonstrate your knowledge and promote your company on the web more effectively.

During this stage, you can bring in the use of robots txt generators, which will inform the spider which URL they can access on your website and prevent the site from getting overburdened with requests.

Time for a Quick Wrap

Get listed in a business directory so that your customers can have an easier time finding your local business!

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