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Business Analytics Tools to Streamline Your Business Operations

In this day and age of ever-increasing amount of unrestricted data available to companies of different sizes, it’s important that your business works gets a track on what kind of data they should have on hand or what data may be available to use. If you’re not using any business analytics tool such as free SEO tools or the likes, you may find it a bit overwhelming to decide where to begin.

Below are mentioned some of the most popular and preferred analytics tools, that you must rely on to successfully move your business from analog to digital.

Why Do You Need Business Analytics Tools?

One of the prime goals of any business analytics tool is to extract actionable and business relevant information by thoroughly analyzing data. As a business-owner, you can leverage such data for enhancing your performance and maximizing the results.

However, the market is filled to the brim with an array of robust and edgy business analytics tools including, indexed pages tool, etc. With so many advanced tools claiming to fame, it could be difficult for you to narrow down on the most premium ones.

To help you make a wise selection, we’re shining a light on some options that are at the peak of their popularity. Have a look –


Built by Qlik, a reputed software organization, Quick View is mainly appreciated for its uniquely robust features. This tool is extremely easy to learn and deploy. Also, it allows customers to get effective business insights through data association.

This tool does not really need any kind of prior programming experience. All you need is the very basic knowledge of SQL and VB Script to use this tool.

Keyword Density Tool

Keywords play a crucial role in determining the success and overall efficiency of your SEO strategies. To ensure that the keywords you’re using are working in your favor, you should do a math on keyword density by calculating the overall wordcount and keywords counts across each page of your website.

You must refrain from overusing your keywords, and ideally you should use approximately 2-3 keywords for each 100 words of a copy. This refers to 1-2% keyword density. An advanced keyword density tool will streamline the process of checking keyword density with more accuracy.

Scenario Analysis

Scenario analysis, which is popularly termed as total return analysis or horizon analysis, refers to an analytic process which enables you to thoroughly analyze a large array of possible future scenarios or events by considering the alternative possible outcomes. You can use this tool as or when you seem a little uncertain about your business decisions or the kind of action you should pursue.

Forecasting Analysis

Time series data refers to data, which is gathered and collected in uniformly spaced intervals. Time series analysis tools help in exploring such huge data tool for extracting useful statistics and data characteristics.

You must give this tool a try if you’re looking to prevent forthcoming events dependent on everything that has occurred in the past or thoroughly assess changes over the course of time or

Text Analytics

Popularly known as text mining, the process of text analytics is all about extracting value from huge amount of unstructured or raw text data. Using an advanced text analytics tool, you can reap multiple benefits including pattern recognition, predictive analytics, information retrieval, information extraction, or tagging and annotation, etc.

Micro Strategy Tool

Micro strategy analytics tool is instrumental in integrating highly superior analytics capabilities, which ensure smooth and seamless processing of raw or unfiltered text data, that experts can analyze further through the text analytics solutions of the platform.

Using this edgy tool, you can incorporate highly insightful statistical and analytical capabilities, which streamline real-time forecasting along with different options like third-party data mining, etc.

The Final Takeaway

So, what are you still waiting for? Go ahead, and pick a business analytics tool that would best suit your needs. But, before taking the plunge, you should thoroughly analyze the specific needs, challenges, and milestones of your business. Hope, this writeup would yield some positive results!

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