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Amazon Web Services to Make an Investment of $5 Billion in Thailand

Innovation is occurring at a rapid rate globally, and AWS must continue to invest in infrastructure and services in locations across the world where new ideas and innovations are being developed. With cost-effective access to hardware, storage, and computing power, the new AWS Asia Pacific (Bangkok) Region will provide new opportunities for the best local business listing sites or enterprises to scale and existing organisations to reinvent themselves. 

The Investment Says… 

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Inc's cloud computing business, announced on 17th October that it aims to invest $5 billion in Thailand over the next 15 years to expand its infrastructure. AWS stated in a statement that the investment would entail the development of data centers and purchasing of products and services from area businesses. 

It also intends to establish an infrastructure hub in Bangkok, Thailand, to assist clients in securely storing data and better serve end consumers. "AWS' ambition to build data centres in Thailand will give excellent cloud computing capabilities to more organisations and help us deliver on their goal of building a digital, value-based economy," Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister said. 

He said that Amazon is one of the world's leading corporations and that its commitment to Thailand will have a knock-on effect, attracting other companies listed in the sites to list your business for free from other industries to invest in the Kingdom. Manufacturers of electric vehicles and others might be included. 

The Intended Growth Rate 

The Thai Stock Exchange stated that the new cloud region would improve its capacity to provide low-latency market data, allowing investors to make the best trading decisions. It runs its online trading systems on AWS, which can serve more than 400,000 concurrent users.  

As per IDC's Asia-Pacific cloud study in 2021, 92% of Thai organizations said they would increase cloud service usage, surpassing the regional average. According to IDC, the region's public cloud services market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 26.4%, from $51.2 billion in 2021 to $165.2 billion in 2026. 

Amazon's cloud services might also help Thailand's smart cities program move forward. AWS' cloud platform supports over 200 services, such as storage, robotics, and artificial intelligence.  

The Call to the Government 

AWS also stated that it would collaborate with Thailand's Ministry of Digital Economy and Society to create a skills development strategy that would include on-demand digital courses and assistance in training more than 1,200 individuals with cloud capabilities. It would also include training programs for government personnel to help them build the necessary skills for utilizing cloud technology. 

The vendor stated that the investment would further promote early-stage entrepreneurs through the AWS Activate scheme, adding that the effort provided knowledge, technical support, and business mentorship. Under the initiative, start-ups can also access up to $100,000 in AWS service credits. 

AWS also stated that it is currently collaborating with local e commerce store management services, start-up accelerators, and incubators to accelerate the growth of start-ups in the cloud. AIS The Startup and Storm breaker are two examples of such collaborations. 

Prasad Kalyanaraman, AWS' vice president of infrastructure services, stated that local firms could access numerous AWS technologies through the new region, including AI and machine learning, data analytics, and the IoT. "With these enhanced capabilities, AWS enables governments to engage people more effectively, businesses to innovate for the next stage of growth, and entrepreneurs to start businesses and compete on a worldwide scale," he added. 

In a Nutshell 

We believe that having cloud services available to as many people as possible democratizes creativity and allows anybody with a good company concept to succeed. With the planned AWS Region in Thailand, Thai businesses of all kinds and industries will have access to the same cloud services, security, reliability, scale, and speed as the world's top online reputation management services. 

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