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All the Platforms That You Can Use to List Your Business for Free

"What's your end goal with an online business?"

When we ask this question, clients might come up with a plethora of answers. From increasing sales to increasing credibility of their physical brand. But one thing that remains common is the fact that it's all about adding value to a business, and getting people to notice the same. When people ask us about our secret mantra, we tell them something that we swear by: "The more web footprint you leave, the easier it is for customers to find you."

And guess what? Not everything has to cost you money. If you wish to know more about the top free business listing sites in India, keep reading (You're in for a surprise!)-

An Overview of Why Business Listing is Important

  • A customer doesn't even have to know your brand by its name. All they have to do is enter the keyword for the product, service or facilities that they're looking for, and voila, your brand shall pop in their search results.
  • There are high chances that a robust and comprehensive business listing will direct almost all the visitors to your website. Once that is done, an optimized website shall collect the visitor's information, and create a prospective lead profile for your perusal.
  • Free business listings have the power to draw and reroute users to your websites, but you must monitor your listings and interact with them frequently. So, don't forget to reply to their reviews, update your listing with anything that's happening in and around your business, etc.

It's absolutely clear by now that free local business listing sites in India are no longer an option, but a necessity. After all, where else would find something so good that does its job for free? While you ponder upon this, let's give you a list of the top players in the market-

India Mart

IndiaMart is the biggest e-commerce B2B portal in India. It has been successfully bridging the gap between suppliers and customers for years now. With a market dominance of 60% in India's online B2B categorized industry, the channel aims at giving people, small & medium enterprises (SMEs), and large enterprises an equal opportunity to expand in terms of sales. Ever since 1999, their sole goal has been to make doing business easier.


While talking about free listing online, Sulekha's name is sure to pop up. The reputation it has gained for being a digital forum in India, connecting over 20+ million customers to their 50,000 service vendors in about 20 categories across 40 cities, is truly tremendous. (Whew!)

It concentrates on specialised services that are tailored to the needs of a person and are centred around Home, Lifestyle, and Self. The platform aims to thoroughly identify user needs using technology and domain knowledge and then links them with vetted service professionals who have been verified.

Consumers can utilise the service for free, while service providers are compensated by the platform for their work in the form of confirmed or matched service requests.

Just Dial

Coming to the next big thing in India, Just Dial. No matter what platform, Just Dial will be there at your service. You name it- phone, website, mobile app- they've got it. It's an Indian internet technology firm that offers local search for various services.

VSS Mani founded the company in 1996. Mumbai, India and today, it serves as the company's headquarters. Justdial has offices across the country, including those in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, and Pune. Justdial had 10,984 staff members, a database of about 29.4 million listings, and 536,236 active paid campaigns in 2020.

Trade India

If you have a business in India or any other country, Trade India could be of great help. It's an online BRB environment founded by Bikky Khosla in 1996. Today, the platform is handled and marketed by Infocom Network Ltd.

You'll find Trade India's offices in almost any city in India. It's headquartered in New Delhi with more than 1200 professionals working for the listing platform.

With more than 1,2000 business classifications, the portal offers data on Indian and international merchants and customers. Online business catalogues, DialB2B,Trade Alerts, Call Me Free Service, credit reports, and trade leads are some of the essential goods and services provided by this forum.

Trade fairs are covered separately on the website, and both domestic and international trade events are regularly attended by the enterprises. For users of mobile devices, they also feature a specific mobile-optimized version.

Hot Frog

Since Hotfrog was acquired by Locafy but continues to operate under the name Hotfrog Pty Ltd, it is now a standalone business seeking strategic collaborators in the data and advertising sectors.

The business serves 69 million companies in 44 nations by assisting them with expanding their consumer bases.

An SME can use a Hotfrog profile to generate demand for their products or services. The benefits to SEO are enormous, and Hotfog helps highlight what makes the client's goods and services unique.

Customers' chosen keywords for their profile are compared to the words they would type in online search engines. Hotfrog has perfect their SEO game over the years which allows any firm to rank higher on the search results. The simple reporting tools from Hotfrog display all activities.


The search engine is unique. The majority of search engines scour the internet and present you with information based on globally accessible websites. Grotal dispatches foot troops to physically gather data from companies with or without websites.

The majority of search engines provide you with a wealth of data from which pertinent insight must be selected. But Grotal provides you with clear, accurate information that you can use right away.

The Grotal project began in August 2009. It was started in order to fill a gap. Not everyone uses the internet. The majority of companies don't have websites. It was deemed necessary to post these online without requiring them to build their own websites.

Business Listing Isn't A FAD, It's Here To Stay!

There you go, our list of free business listing websites in India curated just for you. Always remember that while listing your website on various platforms is essential but you should also be careful. The key is to go for a credible platform that has a well-established SEO so that your business can use it to its advantage. Plus, it simply adds on to the credibility!

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